5 workshops, 2 dagmilongor, en kvällsmilonga och en Festivalmilonga, privatlektioner

Adrian Ferreyra, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been a dedicated tango dancer and teacher for most of his life. He began dancing tango at the age of 9 and by 14, he was already sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Adrian is known for his passionate approach to teaching, always willing to go the extra mile to help his students to achieve their goals. He is a respected and sought-after teacher, who is dedicated to passing on his love and knowledge of the dance to all tango enthusiasts.

Dulce Lauria is an accomplished tango dancer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She acquired her love for tango at the age of 18 and began developing her dance at the city's legendary milongas. She pushed her passion to the next level two years later by joining the prestigious DNI Tango School, where she received instruction in both dancing and teaching for over six years. Dulce then traveled the world, performing and teaching tango across countries.

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TangoSundsvall inbjöd 14–16 september 2018 till en tangohelg i tre inspirerande dagar med den sprudlande och dynamiska lärarduon i vårt vacka Stadshus!


Tack alla som besökte oss, lärarduon, DJs och alla andra som hjälpte till med arrangemanget.